All the Bulgarian companies or the companies which offer Bulgarian products/ services are welcomed to register in our portal, in Bulgarian language. We offer two levels of registration and a number of banners options. All tariffs are final prices in BGN.

The levels of registration

We offer two levels of registration:

  1. You can register your business FOR FREE at the BASIC Level and your information will be professionally translated and included in the portal;
  2. Alternatively, your VIP Level registration will provide a better visibility and attract more attention: for every search, if your registration meets the search criteria, it will always be displayed before the companies that do not have the VIP position. The principle applies irrespective of search criteria: destination, category, the search option or directly from the map.

Registration levels Include Price per 6 months (BGN) Price per year (BGN)
1. Basic
  • Company name, address, phone number, e-mail, website
  • 2 photos/ logo
  • Information (characters limited to 50)
  • Translation in Romanian
0 0
2. VIP All the above, plus:
  • Drop on the map for your location
  • Unlimited number of photographs
  • Information in (reasonably) unlimited words
  • Upper position in search results
90 180

Besides the registration facilities of our portal, you can add a banner for a striking visibility of your Company. A click on it leads to your website. offers 5 banner dimensions, each in 2 categories of display (MAX – on every page - and LIGHT). Additionally, we offer the 3 large header banners, which have the maximum visibility and attract attention by interchanging. They are displayed on every page of the portal.

Categories of banners display:

  1. MAX - banner is displayed on EVERY PAGE;
  2. LIGHT - banner is only present in the inner pages.

The prices, by banner dimensions:

  1. The banner prices are presented by dimensions, for display on every page (MAX category);
  2. For LIGHT category (the inner pages only display), the beyond banner prices enjoy a 20% discount.

Banners price Dimensions Price (BGN)
for display on every page (Category MAX) pixels months
1 3 6 12
3 headers(interchangers) 980 x 290 300 600 1000 1400
banner 1 160 х 160 40 110 200 390
banner 2 160 х 600 100 280 530 990
banner 3 300 х 140 60 160 300 590
banner 4 300 х 250 100 280 530 990
banner 5 120 х 600 100 280 530 990

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